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Description of Program

Educational Viewpoints

Mahoning Valley School of massotherapy is committed to developing skilled massage therapists whose enthusiam for the profession allows them creavity and proficiency in the rising field of massotherapy. Compassion for others that is nutured and directed supports a multi dimensional approach in the increasing field of massage and bodywork therapies.

Combining anatomy and physiology with the growing possibilities of massage therapy permits the graduate to carefully center their inspired goals. Each of the three terms guides the student toward becoming a talented, creative, and compassionate massotherapy professional.

Term 1

Highlights basic hands on techniques, hygiene, professionalism, proper body mechanics, homeostasis, fundamentals of anatomy and physiology and massage theory and practicum.

Term 2

Massage theory and practical classes continue with hands on techniques and procedures. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology is explored futher as students examine the systems that make up the human body. Students will start their massage clinics.

Term 3

Massage theory and practical classes continue highlighting the physiological effects and therapeutic applications. Also included in term 3 will be Intro to pathology, massage ethics class, and business class. Students will continue their massage clinics. Anatomy and physiology classes continue with a more in depth look into physiological effects and therapeutic applications and other bodywork modalities.

The massage therapy program at Mahoning Valley School of Massotherapy trains students for a professional and successful position in the massotherapy field.

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