Mahoning Valley School of Massotherapy - Tuition and Fees - Austintown, OH
Mahoning Valley School of Massotherapy - Educating Students in Holistic Massage Therapy
Tuition and Fees
                           Term 1                  Term 2                      Term 3
Down Payment:              $250.00                   N/A                                N/A
Tuition:             4 monthly pmts       4 monthly pmts           4 monthly pmts
                             of $665.00                     of $665.00                    of $665.00
2year Tuition
Financing option:    4 monthly pmts    4 monthly pmts     4 monthly pmts
                                  of $332.50                   of $332.50               of 332.50
Textbooks:          Approx $215.00 + tax         N/A                        N/A
Student liability            TBA                             N/A                       N/A
Total:                   $2875.00                    $2660.00              $2660.00
The total cost of program  $8220.00
*Tuition and fees are estimated and subject to change
Tuition and Payment Plan Option
1. Payment Plan schedule:  A $250.00 down payment is due prior to the start of classes.  A monthly payment of $665.00  is due the first week of each month for 12 months.
2. Tuition Financing Option:  Students have the option to finance their tuition through the school interest free for one year.  Eligible students will sign an agreement stating that they will make a payment of 332.50 at the beginning of each month for two years.  Students who choose this option will graduate after they have completed the entire course, but will not receive their diploma until full tuition is paid. 
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