Mahoning Valley School of Massotherapy - Student Clinic - Austintown, OH
Mahoning Valley School of Massotherapy - Educating Students in Holistic Massage Therapy
Our school clinic welcomes the public to experience relaxation massage from our upper classmen.  This final part of the massotherapy program allows our students to experience massage therapy in a professional and competent manor.  The students will compile medical histories and complete soap notes on each client.  The feeling, needs and expectations of clients will also be addressed.  Please be advised:  the safety of our students is of utmost importance, disrespectful and offensive behavior and language will not be tolerated.  All inappropriate behavior will result in an immediate end of session with full payment required.
Student Clinic Schedule
Monday:  11am-6pm
Tuesday:  11am-6pm
Wednesday 11am-6pm
Thursday  11am-6pm
Friday   Closed
Saturday  11am-6pm
Sunday  Closed
1 Hour relaxation massage      $25.00
Available Upgrades
aroma massage    + 10.00
chakra balancing + 10.00
cold stone facial   +  10.00
Full body hot stone massage w/ cold stone facial  +20.00
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