Mahoning Valley School of Massotherapy - Services for Students - Austintown, OH
Mahoning Valley School of Massotherapy - Educating Students in Holistic Massage Therapy
Services for Students
Student Advisement
Students in need of tutoring or advice can meet with their instructors or school director to help discuss concerns.  School faculty are happy to help encourage successful completion of the program.
Career Information
Many opportunities are available for the LMT (Licensed massage Therapist ) upon graduation from Mahoining valley school of Massotherapy.  As the school becomes aware of employment opportunities, we will make these available on our message boards.  Students may find helpful information here concerning career prospects, workshops, and continuing education classes.
Career choices available for LMTs
massage therapy clinics          cruise ships          nursing homes
on-site corporate massage      hospitals               health clubs
chiropractic clinics                   salons/spa             YMCA/YWCA
stress and rehab centers         physical therapy clinic
ski resort                                  cruise ship            private practice
Student Services
All student records are located in the office in a secure location.  Students may review their private files  by making arrangments with a staff member.
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